Max Daily Rate

6% (~ 2190% APR)

Compound Bonus

1% (total +10%)



Rewards Accumulation Cut-Off

48 Hours

Mandatory Compound

10 Times

Feedback Tax



min 1 FTM, max 3600 FTM
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Every time you compound without claiming, your compound bonus grows by 1% (max +10%). Claiming will reset your bonus to 0.
F . A . Q
-What's a HashMiner?-

HashMiner is a decentralized application built on the Fantom (FTM) Chain. The goal for every user should be to buy more mining power(H/s) sooner and more often than others.

If you don't do a healthy amount of compounding to buy more mining power(H/s), your daily yield will drop to the point where you wont get much return.

This platform works similarly to a financial market, where an asset has value that is relative to the supply or demand of the asset.

Mining power (h/s) is purchased with a pre-determined currency at a price relative to current mining efficiency rate.

After the mining power (h/s) is purchased, your miner gets to work to get you the best yield on your investment possible, for as long as possible.

Just as any other asset is bought and sold on an open market, the price of mining power(H/s) will fluctuate over time, as will the mining efficiency rate, as you and others refer users, compound earnings and sell earnings.

To put it plainly, the more demand for the mining power(H/s), the more they will increase in value and the more yield they will produce.

Inversely, when the demand decreases, so will the value of the mining power(H/s) and their daily return.

-What is Hash/s (H/s)?-

(H/s) is mining power that is bought with FTM and work indefinietly to get you a return on investment. Actual Returns for bought (H/s) depend on fluctuation of TVL.

-What is the price of (H/s)?-

Mining power(H/s) does not have a set price. Higher TVL = more (H/s) per FTM, Lower TVL = less (H/s) per FTM. There is NO calculator available to work this out.

-Does Mining power (H/s) amount decrease when you claim yield?-

No, the 'hash/s' amount will not change after claiming. If you make a new deposit or compound yield the amount will increase, but when you claim (take rewards) the amount of (H/s) doesn't change.

The mining power '(H/s)' gets less efficient over time which is why it is important to compound your yield to buy more (H/s) as more user join the pool.

-What will my daily percentage be?-

Daily percentage is up to 6% This depends on individuals actions, like the time of day you compound or deposit and TVL fluctuation. Average daily return is 3.5-4.5%

-Can I get my initial back?-

The HashMiner Pool is a locked rewards pool, so no. You get your initial back over time through the claim yield section of the dApp.

-What are the fees?-

There is 5% dev fee taken upon ALL deposits and withdraw from HashMiner which goes to the marketing, insurance fund and DEV.

-Anti Whale Dumping-

What happens if I always claim yield (sell)?

If you always claim, naturally daily yield percentage will drop due to miner efficiency dropping, requiring user to buy more mining power. A 10% tax is an added "anti-whale" mechanism that prevents draining the TVL in the pool all at once.

-What is cut off time?-

The cutoff time is the amount of time it will take for your "cart" to be full of rewards. Once the cart is full, you will stop getting rewards until you've taken some action.

This is to prevent users from letting their rewards accumulate for a long time, and removes the false impression the contract value is going up when most of it is rewards that could be the bad actor waiting to drain contract all at once. *Ours is set to 48 HRS.

-What is a compound count?-

The compound count is the number of times the user has compounded. By default, the required compound count by the platform is 10, meaning the user will have to compound 10 times(compound once every 12 hours) before they can claim without the feedback tax of 30%.

This feature in essense will ensure the longevity and stability of the project.

-What is a withdrawal cool down?-

The withdraw cooldown time is the amount of time one has to wait before they can make another CLAIM.

This also prevents the contracts pool balance from decreasing in value too fast.

-Whats the 10% Tax For?-

For the users who choose to only claim (sell) yield, there will be a 10% tax on those claims and those funds will be returned to the contract pool.

The only way for the user to not pay the 10% tax is to compound 10 times before making another withdrawal.

-What is the best strategy?-

The best strategy that the team can recommend is to COMPOUND YIELD 10 times and CLAIM YIELD 1 time (Rinse & Repeat). This will avoid 10% tax, increase the users investment at the same time maintain sustainable daily yield.

-What's the 1% bonus for compounding?-

To reward users who compound, there is a bonus when you compund your daily earnings instead of claiming them. The bonus increases 1% every 12 hours that you compound without claiming (10% max).

This incentivizes the user to compound more often, which will help boost your miners efficiency rate in the long run.

To be able to utilize the bonus feature, the player must not compound before the provided timer reaches 00:00:00.

-Why are my rewards not growing?-

First thing, REFRESH PAGE and CLEAR COOKIES! if that doesn't fix the problem continue reading..

1.claiming habits effect rewards, you claim to often, your daily percentage drops.

2.If you only started with a small deposit it will take time to display on the dApp.

3.TVL daily increase can cause lower daily percentage

-How come my referrals aren't showing | Where are they?-

1.Refresh web page and make sure the link you copy has your wallet address in it.

2.Your referrals show up in the 'REFERRALS' Section of the dApp. Referrals are 7%.